Task list Review Window

In menu on the left you can view tasks according to different categories:
    • Unassigned - is ONLY when turned on in the backend: SETTINGS → App Settings → Show unassigned tasks filter (from version 4.0); the employee will be able to assign the selected task from an unassigned list by themselves (works Online);
    • Unconfirmed - for received but not confirmed tasks;
    • Confirmed - for accepted tasks;
    • Today - task planned for today;
    • Today and uncompleted - tasks planned for today not completed yet;
    • Periodic - periodic tasks;
    • Stoped;
    • Uncompleted - all task that have not been completed or aborted;
    • Completed - tasks that were completed in the last 10-day period;
    • Aborted;
    • Mate - tasks that are managed by assistants;
    • By plan order - tasks sorted by the last planned route (viewable only after it has been planned);
    • Planned route – the map of the last planned and saved route (viewable only after it has been planned).

Click the search icon  if you need to find a specific task in the task list. Search is performed using the entire task information (customer name, task name, task number, city).  

If you wish to refresh the task list manually and sync created data: please swipe down the list until an animated "refresh" icon appears on the screen or press sync button on the top  (from 3.4 version). Automatic data updating / synchronization is carried out every hour. 

An envelope icon  is displayed when there are new task messages:

    • new task received;
    • reassigned task;
    • aborted task;
    • task message.  

If you click on the task, the task information window will be opened. 

The task color is set in the backend to the task type (version 3.4).

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