From the Task List

If you wish to create a new task please click 

Then enter a clear title, customer, object (only objects assigned to a specific customer are displayed), planned start time, employee, and task type. If the selected client has already performed tasks previously, employee name (from version 4.0) will be offered next to the user's field, who has worked mostly on selected object, and if there is nobody yet, then it will be checked according to the history of the tasks performed by the client.

"Task priority" (ver. 3.3 and newer) field allows to set the priority level of task performance to Standard/Urgent:

    • when "Urgent" is chosen, the employee will be notified with sound signal, even if their device is mute;
    • "Standard" means standard receiving of task Push notification with or without sound according to the receiving device settings.

"Check assigned user's availability" option  (from v. 4.7.0) is design to help administrator to choose the user that is available at planned time. Click the button and you will be able to see the calendar window with planned tasks and work hours (marked in green) for the user you have selected. Filter for user is selected automatically but you can remove it and check all the technicians work hours and tasks if you need. What is more, you can select filters such as customer, object and task type if too many tasks are displayed and you only need the specific ones. You can click on suitable time and then click green "Save changes" button. "Back" button will lead you back to the task creation window without any planned time selection.

If it is necessary for an employee to scan the QR code of the object before the start of works or after the works have been completed, please remember to tick a box next to the field: "Task start code required" and/or "Task end code required". QR code of an object may be generated when you go to object preview window. Also, you can add files to the task that will be visible in the detailed view "Files" section. You can add files up to 100 MB (from v. 4.6.1).


You can select "Save" or "Add jobs and more" when the new task information is completed. Selecting "Save" will save the task successfully and it will be instantly received by the assigned user on his mobile device. Selecting "Add jobs and more" will save the task as a draft and you will be redirected to add jobs, materials and remarks. Once you've added the suggested jobs, materials and remarks, remember to go back to the "View task" tab and click "Submit draft." Once the draft is submitted, the task will be created and sent to the assigned user's mobile device.

How to create a new task you could also see in Tasker video tutorial:

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