Calendar Management

The following filters divided in 3 categories may be used:

  • User assignment;

  • Role (filters tasks according to the role type). To avoid too many tasks and to select the most relevant users immediately, the filter automatically selects "App User" and "Helper". In order for the tasks of other roles to be visible in the calendar, those roles must be added to the filter (from v. 4.13.0);

  • Office (filters tasks according to the office users);

  • Skills (filters users according the skills they have);

  • Users with planned working hours. The filter is designed for those who use the working hours scheduling feature. Using this filter, you will be able to filter out only those employees who have scheduled working hours in the period you have selected (from v. 4.13.0).


  • Task type;

  • Status (to help avoid too many tasks in the calendar and select only relevant ones, the filter “Active” is selected automatically);

  • Customer;

  • Object;


  • Show employee/task/object/object serial number/object address/object city (added in v. 4.13.0) (tasks in the Calendar are displayed according to the task name "Show task", according to the employee's name - "Show employee" or by object information “Show object/address/city/serial number);

  • Do not show helpers agenda (from version 3.3) - (the helper's availability may or may not be displayed together with the main employee's tasks).


The Calendar displays the tasks over a chosen time interval by Day, Week, Month. If you would like to choose another Month, Week or Day click forward/backward arrows . If you click the "Today" button you will be taken to the current week and month.

You will see that filter "Active" (from v. 4.8.0) is automatically set up to make planning more convenient. It means that tasks that are already completed or cancelled are not displayed in the calendar. Active tasks filter was design to help you make sure that tasks list is accurate and up to date. If you need to see all the tasks, including completed and cancelled, you just need to add these statuses next to the "Active" filter.

All the employees visible in the calendar are conveniently grouped into the offices, according to which office they belong to (from v. 4.13.0). You can hide unnecessary units and expand the ones you want. The employees working in that office will be displayed. You can also expand or hide events/holidays and unassigned tasks, depending on whether you want to see this information when planning tasks.

Notice that skills are also visible below the user.

Creating new task and managing it

If you right click on the task, the management menu opens up.

Quick task management options (form version 4.0):

  • click and pull down to change task time (editable for every 30 min) or

  • drag and drop task to other day or employee (release when finished).


If you would like to create a task, click on a chosen day or time interval → click to open "New task" window or extract the list of current task requests and click on selected request "Create task" → fill out a new task create form → click SAVE.

You can view and plan the employee's works for the chosen day and create new tasks in the Calendar as described above.

If the task has been completed already, you will see its real start and end time, if task is not completed - the scheduled start / end times (from version 3.4).

The task colors represent their latest status. 


Clicking on button "Today" on the left of the calendar always scrolls to the current day / time on the calendar (from v. 4.6.1). With this feature it is even easier to plan and manage tasks in the current time.

Employee day route planning (from version 4.0)

You can visually see employee's route of a selected day based on the current tasks location / start time with the help of a map and adjust them to make the optimal trip route. If at least one task object will not have saved coordinates, a notification message will appear.

To view an employee's route:

  • In the upper filter boxes select the employee;

  • Open "Day" or "Agenda" Tasks in the calendar; and

  • Select the "Route" check box (the numbers shown next is the estimated trip duration and its distance) at the top of the map.

If you see that the travel route needs to be optimized, edit the time for tasks on the calendar and watch how the routing layout changes.

Employee's work hours (from version 4.6.0)

Employee’s work hours could be planned by using Calendar monthly view. Click on selected date or mark more days and use left mouse button to select “Employee work hours”. You will see office (not required) and employee (required) fields where you will be able to select one or more users to plan their work hours. Office selection works as a filter to find users working in different offices. When you select an office, only users from that office are displayed. 

Additional days could be added by clicking the “Add” button. Particular time will be set in the “begin hour” and “end hour” fields. Click “Add more” if you would like to add another planned period of time for an employee. 

Before saving the employee work hours, make sure that employee does not already have planned time slots in the calendar that could overlap with each other. Informational message has been added to the planning window to remind it. If you close the message it will not be shown again.

When work hours are added, the planned work day is visible in the calendar’s day and week views.

When using a month view, select the user in “Assigned user” filter and you will be able to see days with planned working hours marked in blue (from v. 4.13.0)

To make planning even easier and more convenient, from v. 4.13.0 you will see numbers of the weeks added. We hope that this change will help to plan and monitor the tasks and events in your company.

You will not be able to edit the whole work day in one window.  If you would like to edit it, you have to select a certain time slot and right click on it. Two options are available: archive and edit. If you archive a time slot, it will disappear from the calendar and if you edit it, updated information will be visible as the employee's planned work hours.

How to use a calendar you could also see in Tasker video tutorial: